Cheer Stunts with Daddy

"Rec Department Night" at the local high school football game last night was AWESOME! (And not just b/c we got in free. ;-)) Annelise & I led the entire department onto the field before the game to be recognized:
Will walked in with the players, and both kids felt like rockstars! :-D

The actual game was really good...and looooong. Started at 7:30 and didn't end until AFTER 11 PM!!! (With only 5 minutes of that being overtime!) We won 34-31, and even though Will was "FREEZING" - mid 60's & windy ;-) - Annelise was fine, even in just her uniform, b/c she & her two squad friends didn't stop jumping & cheering the WHOLE GAME!

The best part? Daddy was the girls' HERO, after he based Sissy to launch her up into cheer stunts in the stands! He was sweet enough to oblige the other two little cheer girls, too. :-) Sis was actually pretty good!


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