"Courageous" Movie Hometown Expereince

Our church tonight had a babysitting fundraiser from 6-10 PM for a mission trip to Africa, so it was the perfect chance for us to leave the kids at Sherwood to go see Sherwood Picture's newest film, Courageous! :-D

Facing the Giants & Fireproof moved me...but this was something else. You'd almost think that living here now - where the film is based & was shot, using church members I see weekly as the actors - it would seem less...genuine? Totally the opposite for me! It made the entire thing feel SO REAL. To recognize where almost every scene was shot actually brought authenticity. All those gorgeous trees with the Spanish moss? That's what it really looks like here. That's what our yard looks like. They (the four cops when they discover the Javier mix-up) eat at Austin's barbeque - the first place we ate after we landed in Albany! :-P They drive past Locos - the restaurant I'm mad at b/c they wouldn't show the Redskins. ;-) Most moving: the bank that they stop at where Emily gets out of the car to dance is right across the street from Sissy's Montessori, and the whole time she is dancing, I saw her school (with the black shutters) behind her.
Talk about tying that character to my reality!!! [And you know I was shaking with sobs later...] It took no effort to become a part of the film, completely engaged.

[It was also fun to hear people throughout the sold-out theatre loudly whisper, "Look! There's _______!" ;-)]

Did theatres all over the country hand out a little discussion guide pamphlet as you left the theatre? We wondered if that was just by the local church people here or everywhere?

I am praying so sincerely that this movie encourages ALL families - mine included - to better prioritize our lives, and that we as parents will take the final speech seriously. We are each accountable to God for raising our children up with strong faith that they see lived out by OUR example. A major responsibility, but such a high honor...


  1. I have loved the past Sherwood movies and can't wait to see Courageous!!! I just can't wait! So neat to hear your experience, being in Albany.

  2. I can't wait for your review!!!


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