[Faux?] iPhone Upgrade

I finally upgraded my iPhone two weekends ago! Welcome me to 2010: after over 2.5 years with my 3G (not even a 3GS :-P), I upgraded to the iPhone 4 when the 4S came out. [Why didn't you get the 4S?!?!?! Because I didn't want to pay for what I don't need. :-P The only thing my old 3G lacked for me was video, so why pay $100 more for a "voice-activated personal assistant" I really don't need? It was a great lesson for the kids re: waiting - "Mommy wanted this new phone last year, but I waited and got $100 off!" and just think! In a couple more years, I can faux-upgrade to whatever comes out next year! ;-) Seriously, I know the 4S truly is amazing (I know I'll battle Siri-envy :-P) ...but so is the 4, when I've only had the 3G for so long! :-D I'm really happy with it!]

In honor of my new BFF, I made a new - monogrammed, of course!!! - wallpaper for it:

And the best part came in the mail today:
Y'all know I have been dreaming of a Lilly iPhone case for ages; but when the 4 was finally in my hands, I didn't know if it would be protected enough in a fashion case, or if it needed something like my old 3G case, (a bulky, thick beast that did the job brilliantly with two sets of grubby kid-hands occasionally playing on it in restaurants.) They won't be touching this one, now that my old one will become their domain, but I had still almost been swayed...until one of my friends (she's my mom's friend, but I certainly consider her mine, too!) said she actually had THIS EXTRA LILLY case for a 4!!! Don't you just love how God can even use FB to bless us across the miles?!?! Thank you, Miss Anne!!!

(Omigosh - I clicked on the Lilly iPhone case links that I had wanted just now, b/c I had thought the case was hard plastic, and I was ECSTATIC to see it's more siliconesque. I wanted to see if the online description explained more what it's made of...and two of my three choices are gone forever, and my third is out-of-stock & on back order! As if I didn't already feel super lucky!!!)