Happy Halloween!

This Halloween morning, Annelise had a big Fall Festival at Montessori. It's one of the school's most beloved events of the year, with tons of carnival games followed by a big potluck lunch. We signed up to bring a dessert: the easy healthy chocolate chip pumpkin muffins were a MAJOR HIT!

Tonight's trick-or-treating was a bit unique - our new neighborhood is tiny: just 10 homes, and we're only one of two houses with kids; so we trick-or-treated a few streets over in a neighborhood where a bunch of Will's bus buddies live. We were so happy to run into quite a number of them while we walked, and we joined up with the Neville family for most of our trek. Trick-or-treating is MUCH MORE fun when it's with friends! (& for the record, everyone loved the M&M! ;-))


  1. Too cute! Great job on the costume.

  2. Thank YOU for the Hobby Lobby strategizing! :-)


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