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How many of you moms have ever used - or even KNOW about - the free KidVantage program at Sears? I've known about it for a year or two, but I hadn't ever utilized it until today. I officially regret any pair of pants or shoes I have bought Will that did NOT come from Sears! Will especially is terribly rough on the toes of his shoes and the knees of his pants. With KidVantage, "if the kids' clothes or shoes you buy at Sears wear out before they're outgrown, we'll replace them for free. You'll get an identical item, whenever possible, or a similar item of equal value in the same size."

Sounds too good to be true, right? Especially when it's free to sign up for this?

I am here to report, it works!!! We bought Will new school shoes at Sears for the first time (with KidVantage in mind) just two months ago. [Re: "you get what you pay for", Sears carries Skechers, New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, etc. It doesn't matter if Will has high-end or Walmart brand: he wears holes in all shoes at lightning speed.] Yes, it has only been two months, and Will had already worn a full-on hole in the toe of his right shoe. Here's what it looked like a week and a half ago, before he actually scraped open the hole:

I thought, "Well, here's the test!" We walked into Sears today, found the exact same pair - same size & design - took it to the checkout with the old pair...and the sales associate honestly *DID* exchange it 100% for free, no questions asked! I only had to give her my phone number (no KidVantage card) for her to verify our purchase. Will now has a brand new *FREE* pair of shoes...and he'll get another one and another one and another one as he wears out each new pair until I have to buy up a size. I am so pleased & impressed, and I cannot imagine how much money this can save, (especially if you have multiple boys or girls who will grow through the same sizes that you can get new versions of for each one, instead of the hand-me-downs having wear.)

Another thought, charity-wise: when your (youngest) child outgrows the size, you could still exchange the worn-outs for new versions to donate!


  1. I'm scratching my head at how this can be a sustainable business practice on a large scale. I would assume that the profit margins are tight to stay competative, especially in a market like kids' clothing where people are cautious on what they are spending because kids grow so quickly. The only thing I can assume is that they think people will forget they signed up for the policy and won't take advantage of it?

  2. Seriously? Wow! I had never heard of that! I would probably be one of the people who would sign up and then forget to ever take advantage of it. Good for you for doing it!

  3. My Mom has their card to earn the points but I didn't realize I could do this! I'm totally taking advantage of it, my boys are incredibly rough on shoes!


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