Tiny Miss Pageant

Guess who was crowned Tiny Miss Smithville in their all-natural (no glitz) blue jean pageant?!?!
She's finally got a real crown of her own and can now retire undefeated! :-D

Annelise had been BEGGING to do a pageant for AGES, so when I found out about this local, no make-up or hairspray allowed, just denim & white top, natural pageant, I figured it was our best shot to get her in one w/o having to spend $$$! :-D We made sure she understood it didn't matter if she didn't win, that *we* already know she is the best girl ever, and "you never know if a judge is having a crazy day or not." :-P But she DID win, and now she gets to ride a float in their parade next Saturday, too! Yay!!! (And seriously - she is now retired. :-))

It was so much fun for us! But I honestly can't imagine the pressure of being a full-time "pageant mom". Two of the girls in Annelise's age division were "seasoned pageant vets"...and they were awful: negative personality, irritated attitudes, sour faces, very robotic. Their moms were so angry, b/c this wasn't "set up like a normal pageant stage, so how are their girls supposed to know where to go?!?" Really? How hard could it be? I tried to be deferential and smiled, "Oh, we've never even done a pageant before." (Then Annelise won, so now it sounds a little pretentious :-P, but not at the time. :-))

One of the "pageant vets" had *the* most gorgeous white obviously-custom-made layered knot top, (I'm seriously still in love with it :-P) and the other "vet's" mom actually whined about how hard it was to find an all-white top. [???] Annelise wore an old jean skirt & plain school-uniform-esque white polo from Costco. More proof we picked the right competition for us, when the best outfit on a highlighted robot didn't beat out the most enthusiastic, happiest-to-be-there smile wearing the most basic outfit. :-D The whole point was truly just to smile and show your sparkly personality as a young girl. Annelise beamed! I was perfectly pleased to have her be in a pageant that was clearly focused on natural beauty and age-appropriate charm - the anti-Toddlers & Tiaras (which I still admit is one of my fave guilty train-wreck TV pleasures! :-P)

Annelise has walked on air ever since her crowning...and so has her proud family! :-D


  1. HOW adorable! And I love the fact that it was all natural! No make-up or hair spray. That is awesome!

  2. YES!!! The all natural was KEY! :-)


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