Toothless Wonder

Guess who lost her very 1st tooth tonight while brushing her teeth before bed?!?!
She came downstairs dancing around, bursting with joy! She said, "The tooth fairy is really going to come tonight! Maybe she'll bring me candy, since it's Halloween!" :-D Our family's tooth fairy is old school cheap: 50¢ [no $20 bills or DSi's here!] ...but tonight she may stick a piece of candy in there, too. ;-)

How can our baby be old enough for this?


  1. did you say DSI for a lost tooth? does that mean you've heard of parents giving DSIs to kids instead of their spare change? holy moley, has the tooth fairy changed!
    we do a few quarters as well per tooth (like you!) and i don't think we're cheap - we're brilliant, susie. if there are kids getting DSIs for loose teeth, who knows what they're begging/bothering their parents for at christmas or birthdays!!! :)

  2. Yes!!! Last year in MI, one of Will's classmates actually got a DSi [Heather - it's the latest version of a Nintendo GameBoy (!!!)] from the tooth fairy. I have several FB friends who do $5 or $10 a tooth and $20 for the 1st and front teeth. INSANITY! What entitlement and lack of gratitude for smaller things does that breed?!

  3. A Gameboy-esque gadget for a tooth?!? Wow, that's crazy! I wouldn't go above a silver dollar. I agree that doing things like that does lead to a sense of entitlement and totally messes with their grasp of (financial) reality. EEKS!!!


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