Will's Turn & School Pic

Today was Will's turn for Fall Break! I gave him a major gift this morning by letting him play Wild Kratts online, (I don't usually let the kids touch the laptop. EVER!) and he was thrilled to win a bunch of creature power suits. ;-)
Then we drove up to Americus to meet Daddy for pizza lunch! There is nothing that makes the kids feel as special as eating lunch with Daddy. :-)

Will brought home his 2nd grade school pic last week:
[I hate to say we're not as crazy about it as his stunning 1st grade pic, but] it does show his happy/silly/excited/omigosh-lemme-tell-you-everything-I-know-about-x-y-&-z face. :-D I can't help but wonder, "What did the photog say to him?" :-P


  1. I do love his expression in that photo!!

  2. Thank you for saying that! I think it'll grow on me. I just wasn't expecting silly. :-P


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