Baseball Tryout

We braved the coldest morning (49°! :-O) of the year Saturday for Will's baseball tryout. He's out of t-ball now and moving up to machine/player pitch. (We've heard it'll be machine pitch first half of the season, player pitch second half?) Not sure why they had them hit off a tee for this league (Dixie Pee Wee - 7 & 8 yr olds) to try out, but whatever:

Just being there for half an hour got me SO EXCITED to get back into full swing! Baseball is LIFE around here, and it was the way we acclimated this time last year - our first big friend group, getting advice, feeling instantly included. Will was one of the first players to try out, and even though it was FREEEEEEZING, I was actually bummed to get to leave so quickly, b/c I'd found my little group of friends. :-) If it weren't for Annelise's poor cheeks breaking out, I would've delayed. :-P Ridiculously happy for baseball THREE OR FOUR DAYS A WEEK to ramp up! I can't wait to find out what team he's on, so I can make Annelise's team spirit hair bows. ;-)