Milestones & Blessing

* We officially landed in south Georgia one year ago yesterday! ♥
* Our van hit 100,000 miles yesterday on the way to pick up Annelise at school! (Will it last another 6 years?)
* Will's 1st time ever on a pitching machine at baseball last night - and he DID make some connections!
* Something clicked for Annelise at dance re: cartwheels this week - from paltry (slightly better than me :-P) to perfectly straight legs in one class! She wants me to put one on YouTube... :-D

[I think this was #232 of the day! Notice how she lines right back up for #233-323? :-D]

End of Day Blessing: May God remove every hindrance that keeps you from knowing His love in a way that changes you. May He change every circumstance that sends a lying message to you. May He highlight every trial He's using to train you into a warrior. And may He remind you that all of heaven is on your side. You are very close to His heart. Sleep well. ~Sisters In Christ


  1. THANKS! :-D I should take a longer one of her doing a bunch in a row. :-) She is SO EXCITED to be able to!


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