Saturday Magic

My life is pure magic...
*Slept in until 9 AM.
*Woken by precious children.
*Awesome husband worked out.
*All went out to brunch. One of my sweet Zumba students waited on us. Best freshly-made blueberry bagel ever.
*Pork loin roast into crockpot for pulled pork dinner.
*All went to the baseball field for Will to practice (while I lounged in the sun & Annelise played in her make-up box! :-))
*All went to Swirl frozen yogurt after ball, and I freaked with joy: they have boba (bubble tea bubbles!!!) now as a topping; when I asked if they'll start serving bubble tea, he said they're looking into it!!! [There is NO bubble tea in SW Georgia, which saddens me greatly.] Suggested Lollicup (mmmm...fave brand) to them.
*Came home & played outside with Annelise & Bonnie. She rode her bike with B:
*We(she) set up chairs, her make-up box, baby cradle, princess Tervis, etc., and I cuddled her babies & Bonnie while she continued to do bike shows:
*She kept bringing back yellow flowers from the edge of the woods; I *knew* they were Carolina Jasmine (like we grew all over our fence gate outside Atlanta. ♥)
*Found the shovel in the garage, went into the woods, pulled up a few vines from the roots, took them around to our backyard, & planted them in the empty bed alongside our pool! Praying they take root, again, & grow!
*Discovered a crazy huge ant hill on far end of pool bed, exchanged shovel for ant killer in garage, & took the ant colony out.
*Still couldn't bear to go back inside, so Annelise, Bonnie, & I hung out in the backyard and on the bridge over our lake.
*Finally inside, kids Wii-ed upstairs, Daddy napped & I worked on my nails downstairs.
*Watched DVRed Who Do You Think You Are? (love that show!) while I Gelished my toes "Oocha Coocha Bing Bang Bam" (teal glitter)
*Dinner: pulled pork from crockpot, steamed haricot vert (thin French green beans), and brown rice & quinoa
*Showers for me & kids while my FABULOUS husband ♥ loaded & started the dishwasher!
*Kid bedtime - adorable brother & sister having impromptu sleepover in their sleeping bags on Will's floor :-P
*Gelished my fingernails "June Bride" (light pink micro glitter with larger holographic circle glitter)
*Hanging out with my Love & my dog, opened laptop to type this, and excited to see what magic tomorrow has in store: we're having our own healthy-but-delicious-food Super Bowl celebration. :-)


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