Shoe've GOT to Be Kidding Me...

I've mentioned before how hard Will is on his shoes, but this year is getting out of control... I praised Sears' KidVantage program when I got to replace Will's now-toe-holey school sneakers for free a mere two months after buying them. Those replacements wore out exactly two MORE months later. Shoe've got to be kidding me. *Sigh* We were in NC for Christmas, so I bought a quick pair of Swiss Gear hikers at Target and planned on doing the Sears KidVantage exchange when we got back to Georgia. JUST BARELY OVER ONE MONTH after buying the Target shoes - before I even got around to going back to Sears - his whole foot came out the front!!!
Shoe've got to be kidding me.

At our local Sears, I wanted to cry when they said they've "now just done away with KidVantage." Shoe've GOT to be kidding me! (But have they really? Then why are those links still active on the Sears site? Must investigate further...) They *were* very nice, though, and DID honor the exchange "for this last time."
[New on left, old on right]

Will is pleading for a pair of Heelys - you know, with the roller skate wheels in the sole. I think he would actually do really well in them, but [I'm sure] they aren't allowed at school, so I told him if he kept this last [KidVantage] pair of sneakers nice with NO HOLES until the end of the school year (May 23rd), we'd get serious about Heelys for the summer. I also said if he ripped these up before spring break (1st week of April) that he would have to use his allowance to buy another pair, b/c while I know he's naturally rough on them, this is OUT OF CONTROL, and I do believe he can help to a degree by picking up his feet & paying better attention. We'll see what happens...

PS - I'm open to *any* shoe recommendations for rough-and-tumble boys! I wish I could find steel sneakers...


  1. I can't help you find Will-proof shoes, but I can direct you what do with the rejects...send them to Nike so that they are recycled into school tracks (drop off or snail mail)! :)

  2. There are no drop-off locations w/in 3 or 4 hours of here, but I do think it's awesome!!!!! I'll look to see if there's anything closer that's similar.


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