Tested, Honored, Drilled, Enticed, Underwhelmed, Creeped Out, & Touched by an Angel

Fasten your seatbelts, y'all. I've got a ton of random things to share... (& I mean REEEEEEALLY random!)

* The Zumba instructor I was filling in for (whose class I usually take Friday mornings) showed up - SURPRISE! - to watch me teach her class Friday evening. I think many people would have been extra nervous & freaked out...but I went into audition-mode and rocked it! It really felt good to do my best & get her thumbs-up. :-)

* At my regular Tuesday Zumba class this week, the mother of one of the girls I got licensed with came! She lives here (her daughter whom I learned with lives in Savannah) and I was so honored to have her! As soon as my friend saw on FB that my class was up & running, she gave her mom all the details. I think it says a lot that she thought I was a good enough instructor to be trusted with her mama! :-)

* Today I went to my least favorite place for my least favorite thing: dental fillings. But trying to find positives - my appointment was bumped from noon to 9 AM, so less waiting; and I talked them into doing all the fillings today instead of making me come back for another round.
The anesthetic shots make me shaky & make my heart race...
I emerged 3 hours and 8 shots later (par for the course) - yay for teeth of powder. Guess who could only have a protein smoothie for lunch? (1 scoop vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries, pineapple, & mango, and enough water for the VitaMix to blend it :-)) Oh, but it gets better: I get to go back, again, tomorrow with Annelise for her first fillings. Welcome to the poor dental gene pool for this family's women, Pumpkin. (At least what we lack in strong teeth, we make up for in stunning brain power!!! :-D) I pray this doesn't change her tune on the dentist - she LOVES going, like it's a reward.

* This afternoon when we got back into the car after picking up Annelise from dance, the whole thing smelled like PIZZA! None of us had had pizza today, there was no pizza in the car at any point earlier in the day, and we weren't parked anywhere near a pizza place. From WHERE did the mystery pizza scent come?!?! [And will it still be there in the morning?] (We *did* have to stop at Publix on the way home, though, to get a pizza for dinner! :-P)

* I watched two movies. The first was the movie version of Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. I usually love watching the movie after reading the book (extra time with the characters!)...but not this one. It was just different enough that I was distracted by the discrepancies, :-/ (although I *can* appreciate watching it, if you have no idea what Savannah looks like. The locations were right on.) Read the book, instead!

* The other movie I had DVRed & purposely put off watching for over a week...just because I was kind of nervous about it: Drew Peterson: Untouchable I remember when the news story first broke on the Today show, and I never dreamed in a million years that we'd ever have a personal connection. Bolingbrook is right beside Naperville, where we lived in IL...and Stacy Peterson's pastor was also OUR pastor and became one of our dearest BFFs. (If you saw the movie, they combined the "characters" of the pastor who married Stacy & Drew with our BFF into just one guy to simplify for the viewers; he's not really a 70-something priest - he's a hip 30-something guy with the most wonderful family EVER! We miss them SO MUCH! And yes, he was the one Stacy confided in right before she "went missing".) So yeah, I was creeped out to watch this, knowing that our BFF *LIVED* all this a year before we even showed up. And then I was actually singing with his wife on May 7, 2009 when Drew was finally arrested & we got the news, so that's how I was filled in. It's sickening that "crazy Drew" gets the focus & attention for this movie, but I hope it does convey to people with no knowledge of the events how awful he is, that it will bring justice for Kathleen & Stacy back to the media forefront a bit, and that it will also keep raising awareness for domestic violence. Our pastor BFF blogged about that here and here.

* From one pastor to another... I had the weirdest dream Tuesday. Let me preface this by saying (in faith! with no jinxing possible!) that life is so great right now! I have less inner turmoil than I've had in...um...perhaps EVER. Which is why I don't really get my dream; but I'm still so glad it happened. I dreamed that I looked up from whatever I was working on and saw Pastor Moore from our beloved MI church. [He baptized our children; he was so genuine & kind; and it was a year ago last weekend that he went in for tests b/c he was feeling run down...which ended up showing he had an advanced, aggressive blood cancer; he passed away several weeks later, the week after we moved in here.] I looked at him, and I *KNEW* he was an angel; I knew he had passed away, but I didn't want to let this opportunity slip by, so I smiled & said, "What are you doing here?" He said with a big grin, "I just wanted to give you a hug! You need this hug!" It was a GREAT hug!!! And then I woke up. Confused, b/c life isn't so bad right now that I need that kind of tangible angelic reassurance, but so grateful that I got it anyway!!! The last thing I ever said to him in real life in person was that I was giving out hugs... I feel blessed.


  1. My daughter loves to go to the dentist. She went for fillings and only had to have the shots and did really well.

    When I go...even for a cleaning, they have to put me to sleep. It's HORRIBLE. I get so anxious that when they come toward my mouth they can't do anything if I know what's happening! So I can hope that my daughter is always like she is now and never becomes like me and the dentist.

  2. Annelise did GREAT!!!! She got 4 numbing shots for her fillings w/o even flinching...and I'm 100% sure it was b/c the assistant promised her $1 for doing well. :-D (He came out to update me, told me what he'd done, & I just laughed: "You spoke right to her heart." :-P) He paid up, too! :-P We metabolize that stuff SO FAST, it takes a lot. Even with 4 shots at 3 PM, it was worn off enough for her to smile normally an hour after we left! She ate normal dinner.


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