Thank You, General!

Happy Groundhog Day, y'all! For the last half decade, I've had a sick dread/hopeful relationship with Feb. 2nd: I would desperately hang onto anything - even a ridiculous rodent - to give me extra hope that snow would sooner leave our forecast. But now, move over Punxsutawney Phil: we are finally back under the jurisdiction of the Honorable General Beauregard Lee, Ph.D!
[This very morning, courtesy AJC]

Beau did NOT see his shadow today, while Phil did; so suffice it to say, I am THRILLED to be back in Georgia!!! Beau lives at the Yellow River Game Ranch, which is where JB & I took Will to celebrate his first birthday! (We lived very close by 2002-2006.)

To top off today's good news for the South, right here at our local south GA zoo, Asante, an African meerkat, also failed to see his shadow:
so this family is in complete celebration mode! :-D Happy early spring, and also don't forget about Candlemas, taking the time to focus on more light (through Christ & longer days) coming into our world!