Weekend Pics

Our Super Bowl pre-feast: broccoli cheese bites (recipe at the end of that post) and a football fruit tray with raspberries, cantaloupe, mango, & blueberries! Talk about eating the rainbow:
We even stayed healthy for dinner during the game, with my Southern Chicken Chili. Mmmmm...

Annelise & her baby, Flamingo, (she named her :-P) matched for church Sunday morning:
She acted like this was the most special thing EVAH!!! :-D

I gave Bonnie a thrill: carte blanche w/ the freshly-emptied dog food bag!


  1. We'll occasionally let Turbo finish off a peanut butter jar (maybe 1/2 tblsp total left in it). It is so funny to see how far she can stick her tongue to get the last morsels!


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