Annelise's 6th Bday Party & Barbie Doll Cake Details

We celebrated Annelise's 6th birthday today at Chuck E Cheese. [CEC isn't my fave; but boy, do my children (& my husband! ;-)) love it! We only go for birthdays, and it's the only indoor place that will let me bring in my own cake & drinks. Our kids do NOT drink soda; there is NO WAY I'm going to pay extra for it to be served at their party, you know? At CEC, I can bake & bring my own cake (special for me :-)), and we don't have to pay for anything there but tokens = best deal! No paying for more food they don't eat or stressing over getting a perfect head count (b/c almost no one RSVPs anymore) at places where you can only have an exact number of guests and must pay extra per child. Lowest-stress still-special party! :-D]

Doing the Cupid Shuffle with Chuck E:

Cake time!

Half-gone cake, exposing ballerina Barbie's legs :-P

2nd round of the Cupid Shuffle + free tickets from Chuck E:

...complete with video! (Awww, yeah! :-D)


Cake Details:
Everyone keeps asking how I made it, so of course, I'll share! I've done it two different ways now: here's Ariel from two years ago. This time, I baked one cake recipe in my large Pampered Chef glass batter bowl and another in two 8 or 9" rounds, stacked them all, gently shoved Barbie down the middle, and iced it with 7-Minute Icing. :-) [Icing notes: I grew up with this version, but I used this one last night & think it's better: no corn syrup & no candy thermometer.]


  1. Oh man, that take your own cake would be perfect in our peanut allergy situation. Too bad the closest CEC is over 2 hours away. :-(
    There is a non-chain place similar to CEC nearby, but they do the must know exact head count (a friend had a party there and she contacted us to make sure we weren't coming when we didn't rsvp), and they pissed us off a couple months ago when Mitchell's school went there and we were supposed to get a pizza buffet and we had to get in an argument with the manager to have enough pizza so we won't be going back.
    I'm glad you showed a close-up of the cake because the side views a barbie make it look like her boobs are exposed!

  2. Oh, how frustrating!!!!!!!
    Ha - you are the 2nd person who's said something about boobalicious Barbie! :-P It never even crossed my mind! :-D


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