Happy 6th Birthday to our daughter, our Prinkie Princess Pumpkin Peach!

I interviewed her tonight as I tucked her into bed, so we could remember what her favorites were on this first day of 6:

Favorite food: pasta
Favorite treat: Swirl frozen yogurt
Favorite song: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO
Favorite sport: gymnastics
Favorite iPhone app: tie b/t princess dress-up, Cinderella Café, & math games
Favorite subject: Montessori growing work (addition games)
Favorite show: "The Amazing Race"
Favorite movie: "Kung Fu Panda 2" & What's in the Bible? series
Favorite toy: Flamingo & her Hand of Hope Teddy Bear
Favorite game: Life
Obsessed with: animals, cartwheels, books, make-up, princesses, Bath & Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizers, love
Future job: veterinarian
Favorite number: 6 ("Because I'm 6!")
Her signature phrase these days: "This is the best day EVER!!!" (I'm so thankful she finds ultimate joy in the simple days just as much as the extraordinary. ♥)

I got to come into her Montessori class today for her celebration. :-) We made this photo board of her first six years of life to share with her class - I love that every child does this!
[Y'all know I'm going nuts over how blurry this photo is... :-D]

I feel a little bad that we didn't have more of a to do today, but I did get to come in for her special time at school, LaLa is coming Friday, and her big party is Saturday:
[Yes, I made her a Lilly Pulitzer invitation! :-D]

She *did* dress Flamingo in a dress matching hers today, but we didn't think she'd be allowed at school; I should've brought her, though, b/c her teacher Ms. Marlowe heard about the matching and asked to see! :-P Next time...


  1. I love the interview you did with her! That is adorable. What a great way to remember each year.

  2. I love the interview, and the invite is stunning (although I can't seem to find any LP that works with my skin tone, I do love the brilliant colors and floral prints!). Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!! I think for those of us who have moved around, those "life story" photos mean even more when you get to share them! Have a GREAT party day (love the invitation!)

  4. Thanks, y'all! She's so excited for her party in the AM! :-)
    Michelle - you hit the nail on the head re: "for those of us who have moved around, those 'life story' photos mean even more when you get to share them!" AMEN!!! It's also why my blog is so important to me: I'm never living in a place where people have known me for years, so I'm obsessed with sharing "getting to know you" stuff.


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