Way to Go, Will!

Will had a stellar day at school today! He started off being honored as Good Citizen at a special breakfast. It was so precious to see the teachers fawn over him!!! (I mean, *I* think he's fabulous, but it's always edifying to have it confirmed by people who aren't necessarily biased! :-D)

He then rocked Field Day:
[How amazing is this shot?! Thank you, Misty!!!]

2nd Grade Field Day is all teamwork with classmates (as opposed to the pouty hell that was 1st Grade Field Day, which was all individual events) so we had an absolute ball cheering for the whole class together. Y'all know I am a team spirit junkie, and our class was on fire for each other! They placed in every single event except one, and Will ended up with one 1st place and two 3rd place ribbons. [Trophies, medals, & ribbons = pure gold to this kid.]

Let me close with a flashback to Thursday. His class is doing this really cute "Last 26 Days of School From A-Z" activity, (B: Beach Day = bring a towel & your fave book; F: Family Day = bring in family photos for a collage project; G: Game Day = bring your fave board or card game, etc.) Thursday was H: crazy Hat or Hair Day =
Awwww, yeah!!!! :-D