Bye Bye Baseball

Tonight was the most heart-breaking part of our moving business, so far: saying goodbye to Will's baseball team. :'( He's the ONLY player that won't be coming back on this exact same team next year. :'( Coach Jamie was so great, b/c he blended good humor with honest critique and real passion for the game & excellence with a calm demeanor. We *loved* going to practice and went to every extra, optional one we possibly could. We were so blessed to get drafted on this team - there were others with dysfunctional coaching/parent issues; but not ours. We had the most wonderful group of parents who all got along and became trusted friends. Leaving this hurts... A lot...

But we still had a ball at the season-end pool party tonight. :-)

Will getting his trophy tonight:

Will & Coach Jamie:

2012 L.C. Dixie PeeWee Brewers:

Silly faces:

Sliding pool fun for Will & Annelise: