Garden Treasures

I planted strawberries, tomatoes, and zucchini (& cukes, but the zucchini overtook them :-P) in March, and we've been enjoying their bounty for a few weeks now. I'm not sure what will become of my precious pots when we move in 3 weeks, but I figure we'll enjoy as much for as long as we can!

My tomatoes actually survived a horrific battle with evil tomato hornworms a couple weeks ago. Their attack last year was 100% fatal, so my heart sank when I discovered them so early. I was so mad, I ripped off all the branches they were devouring and hurled them into the woods. I thought it was futile...but they have yet to come back!!! And I saved virtually the whole crop w/o spraying any harmful insecticides. Score me!

Strawberries & what's left of the grape tomatoes:

Even sweeter this year!


Yesterday, Annelise & I made the most AMAZING chicken/veggie/pasta salad for lunch with leftover chicken breast JB grilled, fresh tomatoes & zucchini *from OUR patio*, and Trader Joe's steamed & peeled baby beets, high fiber pasta, & corn! I ate FIVE bowls... Right before we mixed:


  1. we have yet to plant our garden. this is the "safe" weekend tos tart gardening in our neck of the woods. :) my friend who lives in austin said that they're growing season is about to end for the summer. they start again at the end of summer! :)
    i'm doing a chicken pasta salad tonight for dinner with last night's leftover grilled chicken...stealing your idea, of course.

  2. Your garden looks awesome. We love container gardening too...hope they survive the move! Could you please post the recipe of your salad? It sounds divine.

  3. Liz - What all did you put in your chicken pasta salad?
    Heather - Nope, can't take our plants with us, b/c there's not enough room in JB's car, and the kids & I are flying there a month later. I'm going to give them to my BFF here, Laura. :')
    What I listed is literally it for the "recipe": a bag of pasta, 2 zucchini, 4 small-ish tomatoes, a package of the Trader Joe's steamed & peeled baby beets, 12 oz corn, & a 2 grilled chicken breasts. Chop it all & mix! I pulled my fave Trader Joe's fat free balsamic dressing out of the fridge, ready to sauce it; but I ended up not using any, it was so fresh & delish!


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