Foot, Flags, Farewell

I'm even tiring myself of saying, "Today was so emotional," but yet again, it was!

Let's start with this morning: I was packing Will for his very first sleep-away camp. (*gulp*) I was trying to stuff his sleeping bag, stuffed dog ("Soft Puppy"), and pillow all into the same bag. I was stomping it in with my feet and holding onto the end of the bed to balance myself; I didn't anticipate the soft bag so quickly rolling out from under me and, in my tumble, shoving my foot up under the sharp wooden edge of the bed:

Holy burning pain...
I iced, Advil-ed, & elevated; and since I knew there was no chance of bone or tendon damage (it's just a vicious stinging scrape & deep bruise) I wasn't going to give up going out for the Marine funeral or teaching my last Wednesday Zumba class at The Gym. I sucked it up!

LCpl Steve Sutton's funeral procession was breath-taking. [The vile hate-spewers from WBC who had threatened did *NOT* show, praise God!] It was so important for me as a parent to take the kids and explain why we were standing out there & what it all meant.

Teaching our children about true patriotism, community, & honor...

It was so moving. I could not believe how many Patriot Guard Riders were there accompanying the procession... Of course, I cried. It was such an honor for us to get to stand out there with our united community for this hero. We were just three of literally THOUSANDS...and that was powerful.

As soon as the procession was officially cleared, we flew over to the church to send Will off on his sleep-away camp adventure; he returns Saturday. He likes spend-the-nights with friends, but this is the first time he's EVER been away for more than one night w/o any family. I'm sure he's fine & hopefully not feeling lonely or homesick (*like I always did! eek!*) but pray for him, anyway, and then pray for my mama heart!!! This house is emptying out fast...and it's unnerving.

After Will's church bus pulled out of the parking lot for their two-hour drive to camp, Annelise & I ran home for me to get ready for Zumba. I wasn't sure how it was going to work with my foot; but this was my LAST Wednesday night class ever to teach at The Gym. I started class with an "I may have to stop & just direct" caveat, but GOD IS SO GOOD: He sent some amazing adrenaline to cover the whole thing! I taught full-out, no problem!!! It didn't hurt, again, until my very last cool-down stretch: quads, when I grabbed it to pull behind my back. It *does* still hurt now (esp. the stinging of the scrape), and I'm worried for the bruising tomorrow, but I'm still going to push through my last Thursday morning class...with, of course, more emotion! :-P :')


  1. How is your foot? I have a similar injury, but I think a bit worse. It's been 2 weeks now and I'm still hurting when putting pressure on it. Probably need an MRI.

  2. In all honesty, I still have a huge dark scar exactly 4 months later, to the day. It took weeks for the soreness to completely fade. :-/ Totally better now, (I've actually got pain in my other foot from our tile floor in our new house!) but yeah - not fun.


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