Will Goes to Camp

Will is growing into *such* a boy: it's becoming harder & harder to get the details of his life that I don't personally witness out of him, w/o asking the most perfectly worded questions to elicit the info. It's like testing a hundred keys to figure out which one will open the treasure chest. :-P (It's not that he doesn't want to share; he's just growing a man brain! Argh! :-D ;-))

The Top Five Fave Things from Camp Kaleo According to Will:
1) Getting Jake Short¹ out in dodgeball
2) Jumping off a 10-foot high bridge² into a lake ten times
3) Buying snacks for $1 :-D
4) Eating snacks in bed
5) Swimming in the lake (better than the pool!)

¹Jake Short is a current Disney child star from the TV show A.N.T. Farm. It's a HUGE deal that he went to camp with our kids: Disney gave him one week off to visit his family, and he used over half of that time to come witness to our kids! We don't really watch any kid shows in our house other than Wild Kratts, but b/c of Jake, we have DVRed a few A.N.T. Farms.

² This bridge:

The only complaint Will lodged was against the mandatory swim test. (He thinks a little more highly of his swimming skills than the lifeguard on duty apparently did. :-D)

I asked if he remembered anything he learned from the group sessions: a man held up a golf ball, saying if he tossed it out in the group that it would touch maybe one or two people. Then he held up a giant beach ball, which would obviously touch a lot more - the point being, God wants our positive echo in life to be huge and touch many. :-)

I hadn't seen *ANY* pics of Will's time at camp until this morning. (Y'all know how much that KILLS me! Must work harder indoctrinating him with the importance of life documentation...) He climbed this awesome wall:

& didn't even mention it! I asked him today & he replied, "Oh, yeah. I did." :-P

I'm learning more as I ask him about OTHER people's pics on FB. :-D

Will went down this water slide ten times, too; but no pics of him - just Jake:

On the low ropes course - everyone has to get to the other side w/o touching the blue web, and only two people can use the same hole; after that, it's "closed" and you must use another:

(You can see Will's little head poking out from the back in the red shirt.) I asked where he went through: he was picked up and put through a hole at the top of that pic, right after this girl:

[Oh my heart - where's THAT pic?! I'm never allowing him to leave my presence for multiple days w/o his own camera ever again...]


  1. I love it! My kids are all going to camp this summer for the first time. You are right! I'm not sure how I will survive without documenting their entire week away!! :)

  2. I was so proud of myself for not freaking out with him gone! :-D It was the very first time he'd ever been more than one night away with no family, (and JB & I have only left the kids for 3 nights twice EVER!!! Not b/c we're helicopter parents, but we just haven't been able to go away more.) He said he didn't really miss me - never enough to be sad - and I told him that was perfect! :-D I would have been CRUSHED if he'd been homesick! Now, though, I am dying w/o the pics *I* would've taken! ;-) :-D

  3. Looks and sounds like he had a wonderful time! Mine have yet to go away to camp, but I know it's coming soon. Scares this mama's heart, too! ;)


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