New Friends

Y'all have to forgive me for being a bit MIA. This time it's not b/c of any secret job offer or potential move I can't talk about, ;-) but b/c we're out & about exploring & enjoying our new area!

And I have new friends! :-) First off, praise the Lord for FB: one of my college friends has a sister-in-law who lives here in our new town! She got us together on FB, and now we've gone out to lunch (my FAVE activity EVAH!!!) twice. :-) She is an area native, so she has tons of local info for me = priceless. Her two children are much younger (both still in diapers) but she is so incredibly thoughtful, coming up with ideas of things we can do together that work for all four of our kids. We may even trek out to the Blue Bell ice cream factory tour next week! [Don't worry, Mom - we'll go back!!! :-D]

Also praise the Lord for neighborhood pools & friendly kids! Last week, Will & a little boy named John Patrick glommed onto each other, and that was IT. They organized "a meeting of mommies" where they formally introduced me to his, so we exchanged numbers. :-) I took a chance & texted them last Thursday when we went to another one of the ten pools in our neighborhood; they showed up...and we talked nonstop for 4 HOURS! (The kids' faces even got sunburned, b/c we lost track of time & had no idea we'd been chatting so long! :-P) This super sweet lady then even firmed up plans for us to get together for lunch on my birthday, so I wouldn't be w/o a girlfriend celebration!!! So thankful.

I have two more new friends I haven't actually met, yet, :-P and BOTH are thanks to mutual friends on FB. I feel very blessed and very excited to already have quality connections here. :-)

In addition to a couple friends, we think we've already found a church here that fits us (whew!) but they don't have another New Member class (a one day thing) until September, so I can't immediately start up a new Zumba ministry there or join their Praise Team. *patience, patience* :-P (Not one of my virtues! :-D)

School starts here August 27th, so we have a whole nother month of summer! :-D (Annelise went back August 1st last year & Will was the 10th, but they also got out mid-May.)