Official Texans

I'm 100% official!

[Best. ID Pic. EVER.]

We also got confirmation that out of *all* the NFL team names our new youth football league uses, Annelise is cheering for... the TEXANS! How's that for local spirit!? :-D Unfortunately for Will, the Texans are the most popular team, so their football roster was completely filled right when registration began BACK ON APRIL 1ST! The Texans are also the team associated w/ the kids' new elementary school (which is how Sis was placed on their squad) but that means Will got put on a different team - the Falcons - b/c we were so late registering & he had to go into one of the only open spots. :'( We tried so hard to get him switched - playing the "we just moved here, please don't separate our family, & let him get to know kids from his new school" cards...but all to no avail. We (& half of my FB friends ;-)) prayed about it, so for whatever reason, God wants the Blake girls to be Texans & the Blake boys to be Falcons, and we'll accept it. (JB's going to be the Falcons' Assistant Football Coach! :-D)

Bless her heart, though - Annelise burst into tears when I told the kids about the two different teams: she wailed, "I want to cheer for Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh, my heart! :'( We explained this is just for one year, that they'll be together next year, & she should be happy that she gets to know girls now from her new school. (Will's totally fine with it! I was a little surprised!)

Just thank goodness the kids are NOT on the evil, disgusting Cowboys, [b/c that *was* a potential option! (My beloved Redskins were not.) I think I would've pulled them...]

I'm going to be Annelise's Assistant Cheer Coach = full involvement w/ slightly less responsibility. ;-) I already LOVE the Head Cheer Coach; we've never even met in person, yet, and this girl went to bat for us trying to get Will switched like he was her own son! She went all the way up to the Commissioner; I told her I couldn't be more thankful that she made that kind of effort for us. I'm excited that she's so on the ball & full of organized spirit! We have coach training & certification this Saturday - ooo & ahh! ;-) I'm excited: apparently it's standard for the squads here to have several halftime dances throughout the season - yay! Practices for both cheer & football start next week; games will be on Saturdays & begin two days before school starts on Aug. 25th.


  1. I was just thinking about this today! I'm glad that it's somewhat worked out .. or at least is to the point that it can be lived with this year!

  2. Thank you, Stephanie!!! We should try to get together before we are lost in the throes of cheer/football-dance-gymnastics/tennis back-and-forth until June! :-D :-P


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