The Blake household has been resplendent, reveling in birthday glory the last two weeks!

My 34th was two weeks ago. My precious new friend, Catherine, took me out to lunch - she wanted to make sure since I am new here that I got a girlfriend celebration for my day! ♥ We met for Mexican, and she even brought a cake!

And OF COURSE we had singing:

My wonderful husband got home from work early (his boss knew it was my bday & made him go; have I said how much I love his new work lifestyle?!) and took us to Saltgrass Steakhouse for dinner. Mmmmm... To top off the day: Ooh La La Dessert Boutique (Have I said how much I love living here?! :-D)

I got DIVINE gifts: a bubble tea gift card from JB & the kids (taro & almond are my faves!) and JB also gave me my FIRST spa trip in over TWO YEARS!!! I had an AMAZING hour-long massage (the massage therapist said my glutes were in worse shape than my shoulders, so thank you, Zumba :-P and JB, it's time to dig your elbows into my derrière, b/c I can't reach back there on my own! :-D) and I got a Texans-spirit pedi:
My BFF Wendy also sent me a travel size of my fave scent and POP Beauty Glitter! I am so blessed!!!

JB said he had ordered me another present, but I'd have to wait for it to be shipped. It was supposed to show up Tuesday. Nope. Wednesday. Nope. By Thursday, he said I really needed to keep an eye out. Nothing.

He shocked us to pieces when he walked in the door at 3:30 PM Thursday. "DID YOU SEE IT OUT THERE???" Ummm, NO. We had just walked in from lunch with (another!!!) new friend (& kindred Lilly Pulitzer spirit! JOY! :-D) and there hadn't been ANYTHING out on the porch! I looked!!!

"OK, this present is for Will, but it's also to share with Sissy & Mommy, too. Go look out there & see what it is!!!"


OHHH EMMM GEEE!!! He had my mom fly in from NC and kept it a total surprise!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

[PS - notice Annelise's *GORGEOUS* dress: my BFF Jackie sewed it for her!!! It had just come in the mail, and she was just trying it on when the surprise arrived! :-D]

Thus began Will's celebration!!!

Annelise's gift to Will:
The giant 53" bear they've both lusted after for ages at Costco! :-D (I think our whole family has secretly been looking for a reason to get one. :-P)

With LaLa (my mom) spontaneously on the scene, we planned the quickest bday party for Will ever! (We were going to plan a party for later this month, after he made a few more friends; but with LaLa here, he wanted NOW - even if it would only be us and one new family of friends.) He wanted to go to Tilt Studio arcade, so we got game cards, a game of laser tag, pizza, drinks, and brought cake to celebrate Sunday afternoon:
[Look! Mommy participated in a game! :-P]

[Racin' hard!]

[Thank you for the Angry Birds backpack!]

[Oh. My. Gosh. Will to LaLa: "Is this real???" :-D]

[Joyous haul!]

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Will!

[Cake cutting]

[Laser tag warriors!]


  1. What great birthday celebrations! Happy Birthday Sues!

  2. Thank you so much!!!! We've had a GREAT few weeks!!! :-)


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