Cheer Camp

Our youth football practices have gotten underway in the last week = extremely (but happily!) time intensive. Will & JB have football Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 6-8 PM; Annelise & I have cheer Monday & Wednesday from 6-8 PM & Saturday from 9:30-11:30 AM. (The Saturday practice will drop in two weeks when our games begin.)

Now, I can already hear the moans from other parents coming through the computer: "That is too much! They are just kids!" :-P Well, it's more family time together exercising out in the fresh air than we'd ever get otherwise, (b/c if we weren't doing this, we'd be watching TV during those evening hours. :-D) Plus, they get to keep growing in teamwork skills, and it's fun! :-D

[1st night of cheer practice - we've got 3 more girls, too]

I had cheer coach training Saturday a week ago, and we had cheer camp with the girls this past Saturday morning:
We learned our league-wide "Hello" cheer for 2012 (they develop a new one each year) and two halftime dances: "TTYLXOX" and "Call Me Maybe" = Annelise's favorite. :-D (If you're interested, here's Kim doing them at her house. ;-)) Our squads have girls from age 4 to 10, so there's a wide range of ability; we can't bore the older girls, and the little ones pick up way more than people give them credit for!