Meet the Teacher: 1st & 3rd

Thursday evening, we got to explore Will & Annelise's new school and find out who their new teachers are for this school year! The building is modern, and I love the teal, blue, & mauve color palette - not very typical. I like that the hallways are all carpeted [office carpet - not cushy :-P] - feels slightly...cozy? The ceilings in the halls felt very high, while the hallways themselves felt a bit narrow; but that could've been b/c half the town was cramming down these halls altogether! :-P (The thinner hallways could also be on purpose to be slightly more kid-sized?)

We found Annelise's new 1st Grade class first: Mrs. Everhard. Annelise is EXCITED BEYOND WORDS!!! She cannot wait to start! She kept saying she wished she could go NOW!!!
[It was Flamingo's only opportunity to come see where Mommy will be during the day. ;-)]
This will be Annelise's very first public school experience, coming out of Montessori. I talked to her about it, how this would be different: instead of choosing growing work on your own, getting a mat, and doing it by yourself, you'll do most of your work here at your desk; and you'll do work all together in the order that the teacher says, OK? She's SO easy-going (& brilliant) - she said, "Yeah! That sounds great!" And it will be for her. :-)

Next, we found Will's new 3rd Grade class: Mrs. Ayala (eye-AH-la :-D)
Will is a bit more tentative. (He really just doesn't want summer to end!) I know he was wishing he could go give Mrs. Coley & Mrs. Hemphill a big hug back at Lee County Primary. (But even if we were still in south GA, he'd be moving up to Lee County Elementary, so it would be a whole nother new building & new teachers there, too.) I talked to him last night about it: remember last year when we met Mrs. Hemphill? We didn't know anything about her, and she ended up being the most wonderful teacher ever! Same thing tonight - we can't even imagine, yet, how awesome Mrs. Ayala will be. :-) [I don't mean for it to sound like Will was down, worried, or freaking out at all; he just wasn't bouncing off the walls & squealing with rapturous joy like Annelise. :-D He was quietly taking it all in; he's not ready to give up the pool, yet.] The part he IS really excited for is that he gets TWO teachers: Mrs. Ayala is his main teacher and will focus on reading, spelling, & social studies; then his class switches with the adjoining classroom to have Miss Goddard for math & science. He said, "FINALLY, I get two teachers!" :-D Makes him feels extra grown up, I think. ;-)