Outback Bound

I got the kids registered for their new elementary school this morning:

Their new school mascot: koalas, and the campus is referred to as the Outback - so cute! *EVERYONE* around here goes on & on about how we got into the BEST school; that's pretty confidence-boosting, considering the whole system is one of the best in the state. (It's the biggest reason we moved here, instead of any other Houston area.)

All this re-registration hassle (endless forms and lines for new driver's licenses, new doctors with new insurance, new schools, etc.) is one of the WORST parts of moving. I think people who don't move can take for granted not having to do this over & over every year, with every move. I'm praying so hard that I won't have to go spend another four hours in line at the DMV/DPS (that was the 3rd time in 3 years) until my current license & online update run out in 12 years, and that now after we spent almost three hours in line this morning, that our kids will be able to stay in this school system.

We're all excited for both Will & Annelise to get to be in the same school together for really the first time. (They did go to the same Montessori for one year in Chicago; but Will was full-day Kindy, and Annelise was just 3 yrs old for preschool, so it wasn't a big deal.) I know *I* am excited to finally have them on the same holiday/school calendar (last year & a half, they had different teacher work days & Spring Break weeks = no family travel) and that I can drop them off & pick them up at the same time in the same place, (no longer 30 minutes apart!)

We get to meet their new teachers and really tour the school next Thursday, the 24th, at 4:30, and then school starts on Monday, the 27th. Just a week & a half of summer vacay left!


  1. I love those benches. Several of the schools here have added those. I think they are so cool!

    I know how you feel having schedules match. With me working in Cab. County this year, Chasity and I have matching Spring Breaks.

    It seems like you guys are really liking Houston. Hopefully you will get your "wish" to stay there and not have to do all the "re-registering" again. :)

  2. Glad you got that taken care of!! Hope all goes smoothly with the start of the school year!

  3. Thanks, y'all! :-) We *are* excited!


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