Zumba Audition

I had a big group Zumba audition at 1 PM on Sunday with a LifeTime Fitness Center. It was a one-song-per-person audition, so I did my new "Lovumba". I only offered my availability from 9 AM - 3 PM, Monday - Friday (school hours) so that may cost me the opportunity; but I want to commit the rest of that time to our kids, and I still gave this audition my all! I had so many sweet friends pray for God's will for this. :-)

...And I totally ROCKED it! There were 24 people auditioning for several group fitness forms (kickboxing, TC, spin, yoga) & 7 for Zumba. Each auditionee taught a 3-minute/1-song piece to all the rest of us. PRAISE GOD I got to go 4th! :-) After 2.5 hours, my body feels like jello. :-P Honestly, I *KNOW* I did my best, and I am SUPER confident! I've prayed about it & given it to God; so if this opportunity doesn't happen, it's b/c they can't use the times I'm available. :-) I should hear in 3-5 business days if I've been selected for the next step: personal interview...