Bonnie Blue Bits

Sweet B finally got to the vet here in Texas yesterday. She was deemed "a fine specimen of her breed, with the most ideal weight on a beagle he had ever seen." :-D Our Old Lady Beagle is 10.5 years old now, but she's in great shape! She takes a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement (Dasuquin) daily with her food, and that's kept her arthritis at bay for over a year. :-)

She got up in Will's booster seat for the ride home :-D

The kids have been begging for B to walk to school with us, but I'd been putting them off, since she wasn't completely updated on her shots. No longer the case:
It was so nice for her in the morning - mid 70's. I wouldn't take her for afternoon pick-up, though, b/c it's still 90°F :-) ♥ The walk is over a mile (0.6 each way), and she did great! (...Except for when she howled as the kids left & disappeared into the building. :-P Didn't anticipate that one! :-D)