Gelish: Loose Glitter Topping & LED Upgrade

I removed my Texan/USA spirit mani last week, but I forgot to post what Gelish I replaced it with! I used two layers of my light lavender/slightly taupey gray "Princess Tiara" as the color and topped it with some of the loose glitter my BFF Wendy sent me for my bday. :-) I used the "white" (actually clear/rainbow holographic) glitter, which was great, b/c it didn't hide the base color at all, & it doesn't look like dark spots when not directly reflecting light:

[Over a week old]

You could just sprinkle a little glitter, if that's more your style; but everyone knows I like to rock the glitter bomb, so I completely covered my nails. I topped the loose glitter (which stuck to the sticky residue left after you cure each layer) with two top coats. (One would hold the glitter on just fine, but it felt slightly bumpy; the 2nd top coat made all my nails completely smooth.)

I had seen (& LOVED!) this nails inc. cupcake-esque Sprinkles polish at Sephora...but I don't use regular polish, anymore, so no need. Well, surprise! This loose glitter gives almost the same effect, I think b/c of the particle size.

I also upgraded my LED curing lamp! My mom bought the OPI gelshine system at Sephora (same as Gelish, just OPI brand, b/c they had a match to her all-time fave signature color = ideal when it's what you wear all the time and want it to LAST!) when she was here. The only real kit difference was that the OPI came with a 6-watt LED mini professional lamp, instead of mine which came with the 1-watt LED hand-held lamp. The price difference b/t our kits reflected that...but after I used her lamp for my spirit mani, I *KNEW* an upgrade would be worth it! 45 sec vs. 3 min for 15 times (5 layers on right fingers + 5 layers on left fingers + 5 layers on thumbs) = 2/3rds faster to cure! I waited for 20% off at Ulta and bought their Red Carpet 6-watt LED lamp = looooove.