Mud Bowl Glory

And this is love: that we would get up earlier than a school day to sit & coach in the pouring rain for the love of the game & our kids :-P

And it was sooo worth it: the Falcons won their first game!!! 18-13. It was a true back-and-forth nail biter, with tons of drama, offsetting bogus calls, & even the police cruising over in their golf cart at the end of the game to corral a few unruly adults. (I love Texas football!!!) It was the defense who won this game for us, and Will was at the heart of it all. ♥

WillStats a la Daddy: 8 total tackles, 5 behind the line of scrimmage; 2 sacks; 3 forced fumbles (including 1 where he reached over a blocking back's shoulder and grabbed the QB's sleeve)! So proud of my boy!!!

It was wet & gross...but so very sweet!

We went back to the fields four hours later for my & Annelise's cheer game...and yes, it was still raining. My turn to stand in the pouring wet with no umbrella coaching my squad. Our Texans won, too, which was great, but expected. That Falcons team hadn't won a game in two seasons before we showed up this year, so this day of soaked victory really belongs to them. :-)