Flying In the Nick of Time

I have more praise to shout re: the travel blessings God has granted: JB & the kids flew out from CLT standby this morning at 6:40 AM, landed in Houston at 8:30, and made it to school in time for Will's Student Council Induction at 9:30!!! They only missed 2 total days of school! It still amazes me that they woke up here in NC this AM and still made it to school, just an hour late...

Will receiving his Student Council Induction pin this morning! :-) [And not looking too shabby after waking at 3:45 AM (adjusted central time) and flying 3 hours :-P]

Special cheers of thanks to Daddy for his ultimate driving skills to get them there!!! I have the most koala-ty husband ever! :-D

As for me, Mom & I spent a long time today going through just one of the many rooms in Grandmommy's house. It was really cool to come across so many old photos - everything from the early 1900's to all my old school pics she kept :-) Sorting here tomorrow & back to her house, again, Saturday...


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    But hooray for husbands and fathers who can get the job done!

  2. Thank you, Nikki!!! And, yes! I am so thankful for JB!!! He has taken over everything while I'm gone!


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