Thankful, Rescheduled, and Mismatched

I am thankful for God giving me the desires of my heart, fulfilling opportunities here - specifically today: I had my first night rehearsing with my new Praise Team that I'm singing with at our new church on Sunday, and I also found out today I'm getting the chance to sub Zumba at the prestigious new gym next week for the first time! Things I have so missed and am so thankful to get to do, again!

More busy blessings: I haven't stopped going since I got back to TX from NC a week ago. I got recertified in CPR/AED as a[n awesome] requirement for teaching Zumba at the gym.

I had both kids' (rescheduled) parent/teacher conferences: Annelise is a genius; Will is still the Math King, he is officially reading above grade level, and I pushed to get him extra help with his spelling struggles, [which I believe mostly stem from the fact that we have moved so often. He missed his last month of Kindergarten, b/c we moved from Chicago to Michigan; then we moved from Michigan to south Georgia in the middle of his 1st grade year. As we moved, the different schools were at different points in their curriculum, (the middle of 1st grade being the most dramatic - GA was so far ahead) and he really missed out on so many basic spelling rules he should have been taught. The Michigan school he began that year in was so far behind, but we didn't know that until we got to Georgia; they caught him up on his reading level (which he has now jumped out even further ahead of! :-)) but I'm not comfortable waiting any longer "just to see" if he will catch up on the spelling on his own through more reading. It's still not happening, and he's just too bright to have this ever hold him back.]

Today was (rescheduled) flu shot day. It was so horrific, the screams of terror are probably still ringing through the halls of our pediatrician's office... No amount of rationalizing or bribery will calm them (esp. Will) down when a shot is involved. I have tried it ALL. But focusing on the positives: thankful that they were covered under insurance, and thankful that the total time my kids were checked out of school was only 30 minutes! I love having our ped quick & close by!

After returning them with their vaccinated arms back to school, I went to Target for my own flu shot (since I don't have a PCP here, yet) and it was also free (well, insurance-covered) with no wait! And I DIDN'T scream my head off or terrify everyone in the building! :-P Honestly, shots don't bother me one tiny bit. The THAT bothers me... *shudder* [Ugh, remembering I need to find us a new dentist here, still... :-( *pause, readjust attitude* Thankful we have some dental insurance! :-P]

Finally, today was also Mismatch Day at school:
[With Will's buddy who came home w/ us to play]
I'm so thankful that we live in such a fun, spirited place!

Tomorrow: chaperoning's Annelise's class field trip, and thankful that I can! :-)


  1. Doesn't your ped offer the nose spray vaccine for the kids? Best thing ever for Abby. It is like Bordatella!!!

  2. We can't do the mist, b/c the kids have Reactive Airway Disorder (asthmatic reactions whenever they gets colds or allergies & mucus hits their lungs). No kids with any potential breathing issues can have it, ever.

  3. Turner is really struggling with his spelling right now. And we've started our cycle of flu shots... thankfully all my kids love shots!

  4. Oh, April - I *wish* Will wasn't so scared of shots!!! Annelise usually doesn't freak out as badly, but Will scared her to death this time. :-(
    And spelling...ugh...I just keep giving it up to God and asking Him to make clear what we should do... Praying for y'all, too!!!

  5. The shot is actually much safer then the nose spray. I have learned this recently through Drew's Gastro Dr. My kids were not happy about that but if it keeps them healthy then they will have to endure it. My arm hurt to bad after this years. It hurt for 3 days, it ached. Jaden also has a hard time spelling. I figure if that is all we struggle with academically then we will be okay,. It is not related to intelligence or so they say. I had his speech tested just in case and all is okay. Jaden does not find it interesting or fun at all. He is a wonderful reader though so I am not to worried but I have to really help him write. My husband is very smart but not the best speller either. I figure it will all come in time.


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