Postseason Ennui

We went to a friend's youth football game [different (inferior) league than ours] Saturday morning ...and Will was dyyyyyying to play! Sitting & watching KILLED him!!!!!!! He was losing his mind, rolling around in agony & wailing, "They neeeeed to put me in!!!!!"

It broke my heart...and made me super excited at the same time. ;-) :-P JB & I both kept telling him to remember this feeling, remember how much you want to play, remember this desire. :-D [I know exactly how he felt: every time I went to see a production of a musical I wasn't in, my heart literally ached, b/c I wanted to be up there onstage so bad.] I love that this passion has developed in him on his own - the beginning of the season, Will *cried* during the first few practices. (He certainly wasn't the only one :-P but still. He cried.) JB & I held our breath to see if he would toughen up enough to make it through the next three months...and he ended up becoming a defensive machine who LOVES charging into the center of the action! Lucky for Will, we live in TEXAS: there *IS* spring tackle football here - the first place we've ever lived with ANY spring football option! We told him to be thankful we're here, b/c otherwise he couldn't play, again, until August. :-P

We Blake girls are officially done now, too, after the TurfBowl Sunday. We did a great halftime dance, I got to announce our girls on the field in the giant stadium, and Annelise got a HUGE trophy, [since the Texans made it to the semis. Top four teams get trophies. They. Are. Gianormous!!! (As if Will needed more motivation to win :-P ;-))] That afternoon, I had Annelise video me doing every.single.cheer (34 of them) we did that I actually like this season and last season in Georgia; I can't believe more coaches don't take the time to do this - it's such a great resource to share, and it saves a ton of time at the start of the next season: no wasting half of practice the first two weeks saying, "Um, how did we do this last year?" #superstarcheercoach #prepared