Gelish: Up In The Blue & Stamping Nail Art

Exciting Gelish news for me: JB's parents gave me THREE colors for Christmas ♥ - Jet Set (a grey plum that looks like Chanel's Paradoxal I had in Oct!), Sweet Chocolate (a stunning metallic brown), & Up In The Blue. I happily had the hardest time deciding which to do first, but I went with Up In The Blue - a solid, opaque periwinkle (blue with a hint of lavender).

As if that weren't enough, when we went to Southpark Mall for a return, we were sucked into the Stamping Nail Art kiosk. Y'all know what a fun hobby doing my nails is for me, and Annelise was so excited that we were the easiest sale that girl had all week. :-P

We got two design plates, two "special" polishes (the only "special" thing is that they are slightly thicker; I will for sure be testing out all my old non-gel polishes at home to see if they'll work, too!) and the scraper & stamp. How does it work? Decide which design on the plate you want to use. [We got the cheerleader motif plate (yay, spirit!) and a plate with a few intricate designs & animal prints.] I did cheer & flowers on all of Annelise's nails, but I went with just the zebra print as an accent nail for my ring finger. (You can see above that I also did a lacy tip on my thumb, just to see what it would look like; even though it's nice, I'm going to remove it & just stick with the singular accent nail, for now. Zebra adds more than enough trend for me at a time. ;-)) Take the "special" polish, paint the design on the plate, use the scraper to scrape off the excess & level it out, immediately stamp the design with the stamper (it completely transfers), and stamp your nail. It is instantly 100% dry. (Yes, THAT was the kicker - ESP. with Annelise!)

I've seen nail techs online talk about stamp art for ages (when I'm searching for Gelish info) but I had never seen it in person until now. It's just such fun, and I can see us getting a lot of use out of it, particularly during cheer season! Also, the different design plates are an easy, cheap thing Annelise can save for, if she wants different designs. The kiosk at the mall charged a pretty penny - I would have never bought an extensive kit from them; but I didn't mind getting a few basics, b/c the sales girl took the time to teach me exactly how to do it, and she did all of our nails for examples. From now on, though, I'll be hitting up Amazon or Sally.