Wonderful Weekend

We had a sweet weekend! I was a good wife & willingly agreed to go to the Houston Auto Show down in the city. ;-) :-D
Oh, adorable Jeep! One day you may be mine...

We even ran into two friends there! I've heard it said that Houston is the biggest small town in America; I absolutely believe that. ♥

After the auto show, JB took us to a gem he found: Resie's Chicken and Waffles - holy heaven! I loooove chicken and waffles, and these were divine! They always have a special waffle of the day: Saturday's was pound cake. Yep, pound cake batter poured in a waffle iron. Mmmmm... But honestly, their regular waffle (what I got) was even better! Outstanding - slightly chewy (not crumbly cakey) under a perfectly golden, firm crust. [OK, now I'm craving!!!]

When we got home, the kids & I went out back to lounge under the 77°F blue sky:
(Sorry that bottom right pic caught a cloud :-P) BACKYARD BLISS!!! I cannot believe Bonnie Blue jumped up on the hammock w/o a bribe! :-D She jumped down to watch the guys do football drills; I finished my bubble tea & perused Southern Living Ahhh...

We went to one of Will's football friends' birthday parties Sunday afternoon at a new bowling/laser tag/arcade place here. They have a high ropes course up in the ceiling above part of the arcade area:
and Annelise rocked the whole course in high heeled wedges! :-D She is our daredevil, for sure! The kids are thrilled to get to go back next week for Annelise's friend's bday.


  1. You are KILLING me with the 77 degree temps! BTW, I love your daughter's cowboy boots.... One advantage of Chicago weather is you get to own more boots! HA!

  2. I love her boots, too! :-P I also got a matching pair for Christmas...but I'm having a slightly painful time breaking them in. :-/ I think my feet may be too wide...

  3. Oh, my - pound cake waffles...really?!?

    My girls did a rope course last summer and totally loved it, too!

    Have a great day!

  4. YES! Real pound cake waffles! It's amazing the things you can actually put in a waffle iron!

  5. Speaking of cake batter, the next time you're in Michigan, I highly recommend going to Good Girls Go to Paris creperie next to the DIA. You can have cake batter added to your sweet crepe...awesome! :)


    There is also What Crepe? in Birmingham and Royal Oak. No cake batter, but awesome crepes there too.

    Now I want to go eat crepes! :)

  6. I have been! :-D And even blogged it two years ago: http://castleblake.blogspot.com/2011/01/good-girls-get-crepes.html

    It was heavenly!!!


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