JB has true talent for building shelves, so after our initial planning earlier in the week, we got down to business Friday, Saturday, & Sunday afternoons. Friday: buying the wood, making the cuts with JB's circular saw, and painting. So.Much.Painting...

(I *did* feel a little Tom Sawyer-fooled by the 15th red one...)

Super paint tip: if you have a little flexibility w/ your color palate, check out the "Oops Paint" selection at Lowes or Home Depot first. (Oops = extra or paint that was mixed but wasn't the color the customer actually wanted, so it's sold SUPER CHEAP! The paint + primer we were looking at was $29 per gallon; each of our Oops gallons were $7!!!) We lucked out and got ALL THREE CANS in the Oops. The purple was lighter than we planned, the red a shade darker, and the blue was more vibrant Carolina blue than Tiffany aqua; but since we had that flexibility, we jumped on saving almost $70!

We finished painting, and JB assembled them on Saturday afternoon:

He added the backing on Sunday, and we carried them all upstairs. Finished in-the-room shots to come...ummm...whenever the kids get their stuff organized. (So, by the end of the summer? ;-))


  1. Can't wait to see the pics from their rooms! The shelves look great!!


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