Biggest Bday Party EVER!

Annelise chose Chuck E Cheese as the venue for her 7th bday party Friday evening. [Ugh, Chuck E - I know. I have to say, though, CEC is a great bday location, b/c they are one of the only places that lets you bring in your own cake & drinks. Making the kids' cakes is important to me, and we do *NOT* do coke for kids! It's awesome not to have to pay for junk that you don't want to use/have. You do NOT have to buy any of their party packages. We pre-booked nothing: we had a walk-in party (yes, even for this many people) and the only thing we paid for at CEC were the game tokens. I hate paying for overpriced party accoutrements I don't want, so CEC is actually ideal. Plus, I didn't have to clean anything before or after!] We had *34 KIDS* ...and it was wonderful! I never would have guessed that EVERY KID IN ANNELISE'S 1ST GRADE CLASS except for 2 would actually RSVP yes! :-D (Those were the first 17 kids, and then we had 17 more friends whom we are close with that we wanted to be there.) Everyone had a ball, and we were so excited that so many sweet friends were able to attend!

I was proud of myself for trying to get a group shot first thing, but it was hard to gauge when "everyone" was there! :-D :-P Here's the first half of Annelise's party guests to arrive...

And a few more... (Missing 14!)

I made Annelise a castle cake. (It had sparkly purple tulle in the turret tops and a glittery green "7" candle that we removed here to cut. :-)) Everyone also got fresh cut strawberries & whipped cream, too. Mmmm!

All hail the Token King!

"Who wants just cake? Who wants just strawberries with their cake? Who wants cake, berries, AND whipped cream?" [Please, this should not be a question. :-P]

Conga for free tickets...

"BACK OFF, KID! MY SISTER IS THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! SHE'S FIRST!!!" [How hysterical is this pic? And look at Annelise's classmates behind Will charging in, as well! :-P They did not actually get into it; in fact, I hadn't noticed this happened until I went through the pics, but that's why it cracks me up!]

Virtual rollercoaster fun!

Ticket chomping to close out the evening...



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