Eggcellent Easter 2013

We had a great Easter week with lots of fun fanfare!

Annelise went over to her friend Kayla's house on Palm Sunday to dye Easter eggs. (Will was invited, but he passed in favor of hanging out with Daddy, thanks to the little girl ratio. :-P He's a ladies man, but he likes women his own age - not 1st graders. ;-))

[No, Annelise's hair is NOT cut into a bob! :-P I just tucked it into the back of her apron. I actually told her last week we should get her split ends trimmed, and she said, "No, no, not yet!!! What about AFTER my birthday?" Mommy's girl... ;-)]

On Saturday (the day before Easter), our church had a big event and egg scramble. We put on a show called "The Most Eggcellent Prize", a la "America's Got Talent", with both real & funny-fake acts; the point at the end was that we are all the biggest winners with Jesus. :-) I was a real act [I sang! Again, though, no video! :-( Blame my husband! I thought he was taping!!!] and I got the entire auditorium up clapping and swaying = awesome!!! Other real acts: a dance troupe, competition jump rope group, and kids praise team; funny faux acts: an Easter bunny trainer, (not-so)strong man, fake painter, and first-year-of-band-caliber tuba player. It really was adorable! (And I had kids coming up to me the whole next morning at church so excited b/c they saw me sing! ♥ Made me feel like a supahstah! ;-))

After the show, there was a huge egg scramble out on the lawn. (Hunt = hidden eggs; takes thought and time. Scramble = thousands strewn across the open grass; race to grab the most.)

Saturday night before bed, JB went out back - after setting up two motion-activated cameras he & the kids bought to "catch" the Easter Bunny in the act. :-P JB came right back through the door and said, "You've gotta see this..."
Yep. A real, adorable bunny hopping all over our yard. ♥ :-D

BTW: yes, JB & the kids always work each other up into a frenzy over "catching" the Easter Bunny &/or Santa in the act. JB bought these cheap motion-activated cameras with the kids - while I was at the Easter show rehearsal, of course :-P - and set them up Saturday night. Here's what they captured for the kids to see by Sunday morning:

Easter morning: the Easter Bunny *HAD* come!
[Our Easter Bunny was obviously nervous to hide any eggs on the ground, #1 b/c of Bonnie Blue Beagle, & #2 b/c of all the other animals (bunnies, fire ants!!!!) that frequent our backyard. He didn't know how long it might take those suckers to hone in on the candy-filled eggs...but he didn't want to take any chances, either!]

We went to church, had a decadent brunch (Eggs Benedict, pancakes, quiche, lasagna, Chicken Marsala, pea pasta, prime rib, ham, fruit, salad, tiramisu, chocolate cake, bread pudding!) and finally, trekked out to the middle of nowhere to sit pretty in a field of Texas bluebonnets. (Soooooo many pics!!! Check them out!)

Fashion sidebar: I totally matched on Easter Sunday! My nails were the exact shade of my dress = unplanned! :-D

On the way home from the bluebonnets, we saw a rainbow; it was a gorgeous 80°F day with no rain at all.
How blessed are we?! Thank you, God, for reminding me of Your love, even when life is fantastic & storm-free! Easter blessings from Texas ♥


  1. What a lovely Easter full of sweet memories for your family!!

  2. Sounds like a great, fun Easter for your family!

  3. My boss had a *SQUIRREL* open up one of the plastic eggs in their yard and steal the chocolate inside!

  4. Thanks, y'all! It really was!!!

    Oh Heather, I don't doubt that ONE BIT! :-D


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