3rd Grade Celebration of Learning

Thursday was Will's turn to have his Celebration of Learning (like Awards Day).

Again, it was an intimate, personal, in-his-classroom experience - so much better, faster, & more relevant to all in attendance than a giant school-wide assembly. For the performance portion, each student read aloud from their poetry books that they had each written this year. I tried to video Will, but they asked that people not take videos; so I had him reread his "I Am" poem when we got home. ;-) [I couldn't get him to read louder! Jack the volume waaaaay up!]

"I Am"

I am a kid
I wonder if I will win a game
I hear a lot of noise
I see my team every day
I want to have a lot of fun
I am 8 years old

I pretend I am in the NFL
I feel mad when I lose
I touch the ball and run
I worry if I get hurt
I cry when my dad says, "Take a lap!"
I am 8 years old

I understand it is ok to take a lap
I say, "Bring it on!"
I dream of my mom going to the store
I try to eat rice cakes slow to calm down
I hope I will have a great time
I am 8 years old

By: Will Blake

His teacher then read this acrostic that she wrote for him, before closing with a cute slideshow:
W - willing to help
I - imaginative
L - likeable
L - loves learning

In other Will news, his STAAR (Texas end of grade) Test scores came home Wednesday: THANK YOU TO *EVERYONE* who prayed last month for him to relax & be confident in what he knows!!! He *told* us he rocked it, but he's never taken a huge multi-day test like this before, and I know how careless he gets when he rushes. :-P Thank you all for your prayers! They were totally answered: he scored well into "Advanced Performance" - only missing 5 questions (3 reading, 2 math) total!!!

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  1. What a neat end-of-the-school-year celebration of the kids!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!


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