ASTROnomical Adventure

We were so blessed Saturday: a friend of ours' parents have amazing season tickets to the Houston Astros Major League Baseball games. No one in their family could use Saturday evening's tickets, so they asked JB: YES!!! We headed into the city (after Annelise had a cheer clinic & won her soccer game earlier in the day) in time to eat dinner before the game at The FiveSeven Grille inside the stadium. I usually feel like those places are such a rip off, but honestly, my meal was DELICIOUS: grilled chicken sandwich with red pepper jelly, Boursin cheese, & sliced apple = heavenly! *AND* super key: they had TVs so that I could still watch the Kentucky Derby! [Yes, I wore my giant monogrammed Derby hat allllll day!]

When I say we had amazing seats, I am not exaggerating in the slightest: FRONT ROW DIRECTLY AGAINST THE ASTROS DUGOUT!!!!!

The players could all talk to us going in & out, and they threw Will THREE baseballs! At one point, Orbit (the Astros mascot) came and danced on the dugout, right in our faces:
[I love that you can see us (& my gianormous hat :-P) on the jumbotron, too! (I'm under the O, Will under the E)]

Now, here's a handy guide on "How to Get Your Family to Appear on National TV": get primo 1st row behind-the-dugout seats, make sure your son doesn't get all the eye black completely off just one eye from his game last night, let your daughter eat blue cotton candy & smear it all over her face, make sure your usually-coordinated children have dressed themselves for the day, and wear a giant hat. You're welcome. [And with that, I requested on FB that if anyone saw us on TV, please pause & take a pic for us! :-P] I do think it's pretty cool that our old MI friends could see us down here in paradise! :-D One friend *did* catch us:
[I guess Will was leaning too far over toward home plate, angling for more balls, to make it in this shot. :-P]

We had an absolute BALL [pun intended! :-D] Saturday night!!!


  1. What fun for the family - and I love your hat!!

  2. so much fun! you guys are so cute! especially you with your hat. ;)

  3. Thanks, Loves!!! (Y'all know I will monogram anything I can hold still! :-P ;-))


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