Big News from Last Month: Part One

We had two really big pieces of news last month that we didn't plaster all over the world right away, b/c we wanted to be sensitive to wait until all parties involved were informed and/or the dust had settled. [This & Part Two were also two of the weights my stomach was knotted over until they were settled last month!]

Fire up your flux capacitor and pretend it's Friday, April 12th, 2013 as you read:

JB just got the head coaching position for Will's fall football team!!!! I cannot tell you how HUGE this is!!! The coach we suffered through last year was an abusive moron; we've been through LITERALLY MONTHS (since November) of petitioning the Board of the League to remove him. After an exhaustive investigation (this is serious $#!+, y'all!!!) they fired him today, and JB will get the head coaching job.

Yes, it's "just" youth football...but this is TEXAS. People wait *years* to get a volunteer head coaching position in youth ball here - they literally lobby for YEARS. The high school here is the current TX state champ, they are #1 IN THE COUNTRY and have 7 state titles; they guard the grooming of their youth players very seriously!

Despite the horrific coach JB assisted last fall, he fell in love with coaching (JB played youth through college, so he has the experience) and everyone on the team championed him to take over. It fulfills such a passion in him; I don't know if there's been a time in our 15+ years together that he's ever been as excited for something. I'm just so thrilled that after months and months of strife with this terrible last guy and the investigation that it's finally over and that JB *officially* gets one of his ultimate dream hobbies fulfilled out of it!

I am so excited that JB will be their role model. This spring, he's started off every passing league practice so far with a short couple-minute lesson on personal growth: focus, self-control, fear being a choice, discipline, etc. The boys are so encouraged, it's just a different world from last fall. They BEG to get to practice early, and the respect they feel for him is tangible.

The father/son aspect fills my heart (and his) beyond words. I'll take over head coaching our team's cheer squad w/ Annelise, too, so football will be our ultimate "family time" ...and there will be a TON of it! Our lives will revolve around youth football March-May for spring passing league and July-November for regular tackle league the next three years, and I couldn't be HAPPIER!!!! :-D Y'all certainly know how long we have been in limbo before this last move last year, and now that so much happiness has converged here... It almost makes me misty daily. Totally not joking... ♥

I'm the next Tami Taylor, y'all! :-P :-D

In more happy news, we won our first spring game Friday night! The kids are on cloud nine, and the parents are filled with hope, b/c win or lose, our boys are happier, more motivated, and showing strong growth every.single.week.

[Will is #1 in spring ball.]


  1. ahhhhhhhh I LOVE IT!!!! Sam is coaching the boys little league team and it just makes me burst at the seams to watch!!

    So excited for you!

  2. Awesome! I can totally see him being a great coach. One of my favorite hopes is when we do have kids, that Steve would coach too. He played football/basketball/baseball all through high school, but his first love is baseball. He'd make a great coach too. :)


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