(Me Singing) "Closer" by Bethel Live at The Fellowship

So, I'm kind of blushing beet red to post this; but so many of my friends keep asking me to post a video of me singing one Sunday morning. I want to explain away every tiny flaw - how the sound is a bit distorted when you're right by the amp like JB was when he captured this, how live music never sounds as perfect as a studio recording, etc. - but honestly, it's just a powerful song, and I'm honored to have gotten to sing it together with my community Sunday morning. :-) Sing along with me & we can worship together!!! ♥

"Closer" by Bethel Live sung by me & our praise team at The Fellowship:


  1. I have always known that you sang.

    But...how is it that I have known you all these years and never actually HEARD you??!!?!?!?!

    Beautiful! No need to "explain away" anything!

  2. Thank you so much for saying that!!! :-)


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