Football Camp - Yes, ALREADY!

It's the middle of July - time for FOOTBALL CAMP! Too early you wonder? No way! :-D Camp is this week & next, and then regular conditioning starts with our team the following week T, Th, & Fri. August is coming quickly! :-D [And yes, - WE LOOOOOVE IT!]

[These pics stink, b/c I'm certainly not going to get all up in his drills: "Excuse me, Coach - can you please have Will do that again, and this time, angle a bit more to the left." :-P (Not that I don't dream of that, but I will *never* relinquish my status as a "with-it" football mom. ;-)) So they're all from waaaaay across the field. But better than nothing!]

And captured by JB last night (after I left to take Annelise to tumbling ♥) - Will stretched out & caught this ball!

This camp is being taught by ex-NFL players: awesome, b/c 1) they played in the NFL!!!! :-D And 2) Will is getting quality coaching from someone other than Daddy. Being your kid's coach (or dance teacher!) isn't easy - it's actually harder for them to listen as intently to you, b/c like it or not, they're used to tuning you out sometimes. ;-) Overall, it's beautiful bonding, worth it exponentially, etc., etc., ;-) but it *IS* always nice to get outside reinforcement!


  1. Looks like he's having a great time! Yes - hard (but exciting!) to believe football season will be here soon!

  2. We're both amazed that there are "camps" and "pre-conditioning" for elementary school sports...that didn't exist when we were kids. :)


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