I now have NINETEEN cheerleaders.


Up from EIGHT on Saturday morning.

We are actually officially OVER capacity: squads max out at 17 this year, but we had 2 extra friends approved by the board last night - so THIS IS IT!!! We are the *biggest* squad in our entire league, so we definitely will be a strong presence! :-D

I'm still floored. SOOO EXCITED, but so surprised! And so very thankful that the board has faith in me to rock this. This poor team had zero cheerleaders this time last year, until 3 players' sisters were roped into it late in September with a half-hearted college girl coach. Demoralized doesn't begin to describe... And now, this. ♥ One of those moms from last year emailed me today how "beyond exciting" these changes are and what an amazing feeling the difference is already - and we've only had the parent meeting! First practice tomorrow, Cheer Camp Saturday.

I had prayed for God to send me the girls who needed to be on my squad...and wow, has He EVER delivered!!! I cannot WAIT to see what He does through them...


  1. So excited for you! Look forward to hearing how things go as it all gets started!


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