Cheer Camp 2013

Saturday morning we had our 2013 Cheer Camp. It was only a couple hours...but they wore. me. out. I had 15 of our 19 16 of our 20 girls there, pretty much on my own. So thankful a couple parents w/ some experience came over to help me spot during the stunt portion! 16 girls all yelling, "Can I fly now? I want to be a flyer! Someone lift me up!" is...insane. :-P

BTW - did you notice my squad number changed, AGAIN? The cheer director came up to me & said, "Ummm, you're not going to believe this, but you have one more." Whaaat? She's the sister of a player, so she has to come to our squad. (If she weren't a player's sister, she'd go to a less-full squad; but they're making another exception. Yay? ;-) They make exceptions for cheerleaders, but not football players (why we got spilt up last year) since too many players = not enough playing time, while everyone can still cheer.) TWENTY, y'all. TWENTY. Jaw = floor.

Jaw = up. Hands on hips. Smiles on lips. ;-)

So at camp, they learned 3 basic jumps:
toe touch (more like a spread eagle at this age)

& herkie. (Herkies are my fave. :-P)

Then we played "Cheerleader Says" (like "Simon Says") with cheer arms: high V, low V, daggers, touchdown, right/left L, K, & diagonals, T, broken T, bow and arrow, etc.

We finished with stunting. B/c we have sooo many littles, and we cheer out on a hard field instead of on a safe, springy, cheer gym floor, we will NOT be doing any stunts where the girls' feet are cradle-held to have them stand up. I'm not up for that liability; I think it's too unstable, and I don't trust these girls w/o more training than just this one camp. We'll do:

[stunt pics from Cheerleading Info Center]

pony mounts:

and thigh stands:


L stand

hitch variation

hanging stag

They can also do liberties w/ high V's or heel stretches when flying in a single thigh stand (like the L and hitch, but w/o the spot/leg holder on the right.)

So that was camp. I had one crier who wanted mommy (she goes to daycare, so I got her to stop by telling her to pretend this was daycare & that mommy would pick her up in just a bit; score = me!) and three hot messes who wouldn't pay attention :-P ; but with this many girls & this many littles, I think 3/4ths being awesome is pretty good. :-D

Here we are! (Or, well, 2/3rds of the squad! Yep - only 2/3rds...)


  1. What a cute group of girls! Glad the camp went well.


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