First Day of 2nd & 4th

[4th & 2nd Grade]

It hadn't rained at our house in over a month...and the first 20-minute soaking shower we got was exactly during our walk on the 1st Day of School this Monday! :-D So thankful that we got to take our obligatory picture before the 1st sprinkle, that we also hadn't started walking yet, so we could easily drive, and that my kids both actually went to this same school last year, so they felt comfortable getting out in the car line instead of me walking them in 1st day.

They both had fine 1st days - nothing big to report, both like their teachers, and both are making all new friends in their classes.

Praying for a GREAT experience for ALL our precious children!!!


  1. Very glad that the first day went well for them!!

  2. I'm glad that they enjoyed their first day of school!

  3. Beautiful children! Your blog is always so cheerful!

  4. Thanks, ladies!!! I'm always trying to find the good. I *know* He's always providing it; I just have to dig for it...esp. in my next post...


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