Fondant Angry Birds Football Cake & Will's 9th Bday Party

The highlight of Will's 9th bday party on Saturday was...THE CAKE! (Which makes this mama feel like I scored BIG! :-)) I had been thinking about it for ages, and I have to say, I am THRILLED by how well it turned out!!!

I started earlier in the week with a plain box of Wilton white fondant ($7.49 - 40% off coupon = $4.53) and colored each different portion myself. (White fondant + food coloring in a ziplock = no stain on my hands!) I've always been a bit intimidated by fondant, but I'm one of the few people on earth who LOVES the taste of it :-D so I was determined to try, (b/c I'd happily eat the failures! ;-)) But I didn't HAVE any failures! It was so easy!

[Move over, Cake Boss ;-)]

The day before the party, I baked the cakes: one red velvet in my trusty football pan (I've used this thing for 12 years! My fave!) and one chocolate in a 9x13 baking dish. I iced the 9x13 green to look like a field [thank you, Mommy, for this idea to make it bigger (instead of just having the football cake) to feed more people!] and I iced the red velvet with chocolate, of course. I used the plain white fondant (I still had at least a third of the box left after making the Angry Birds) to do the football laces & stripes. I rolled the laces with my hands, like making play dough snakes, :-P and I got the two stripes thin & wide with a rolling pin.

I waited until party time to place the birds on the cake, and it came together GREAT:

My pleased (& gorgeous ;-)) 9 year old!

Happy birthday, Will!

The other MVP of this party (really the #1 MVP, the cake was just flashier ;-)) was DADDY! JB grilled out for all of us. It was HOT. (It's Texas in August, people. :-D) We had the party at the outdoor covered pavilion around the corner from our house beside one of our neighborhood pools, and there's a huge grill there. Problem? Someone had gotten a basketball stuck in the flue. (What? How? Who knows... :-P) But JB made it work and still grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, & Italian sausage for everyone. :-)

One of the parents thanked us for "having an old school birthday party." I love that. :-) I'm not about breaking the bank, trying to out-do the Joneses. The kids had so much fun playing football, eating special cake, and then swimming in the pool together; everyone was satisfied and, as parties go, it was really relaxed (well, once JB got that grill going. ;-))


  1. Love the cake! But I can't show it to my son because then he would beg me for it for his birthday!

  2. An awesome cake - and an awesome Daddy! ;)

  3. I love the cake. The details are awesome, especially the eyebrows on the red bird.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that does "old school" parties still. We only do "big' parties on big bdays--5, 10, etc. :)

  4. I wish I knew of your cake decorating abilities because I would have just had you come on over for Andrew's party to make his! :)

    IT came out great! :)

  5. You did such an awesome job on the cake (and yeah, I hate fondant, but love buttercream!)! Very fun and creative!

    I'm all for casual events like this...just let kids have fun outdoors, no need for scheduling. :)


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