Rock Wall, School Supplies, Smile Awards

THIS is what I saw when I walked out of my Zumba studio on Wednesday:

My girl ringing the bell at the top!!! (My studio is on the 3rd floor of my gym; the 3-story rock wall is open to the stairwell, so I walked out, and this was the scene!) Two ladies from my class were watching her, totally floored! :-D [Excuse my embarrassing squeals...they're my right as a mother. ;-) Also weird to hear: I tend to really neutralize my Southern accent when I'm not talking to fellow Southerners. It's completely involuntary - it just happens. (I actually hate that I do it, but I can't stop myself - esp. when I'm talking to people for whom English is a 2nd language; both of my Zumba ladies you hear beside me are South American.) I blame it on my growing up in theatre and always needing to be clearly understood onstage.]

On Thursday, we bought the kids' annual school supplies. (We got everything except for the 12"x18" construction paper.) I looove doing this shopping trip!!!! It's such a fun scavenger hunt!!! (I know some people hate it & think I'm nuts; it's ok - I hate cleaning my house & think people who obsess about that are nuts. :-D ;-)) Every grade at every school here has a different list, so some years are cheaper than others. 2nd is cheaper than 4th this year. You can order school supply packages through the school that are completely pre-made for you...but I would never, b/c 1) they're more $$$, 2) I looove school supply shopping, and 3) I do actually have the time to do it w/ the kids. Pre-order this year for 2nd was $53.86, 4th was $66.58. I got both kids' supplies for about $80 total, instead.

We split it all up and packed it away in the closet (b/c school doesn't start here for over 3 weeks! ;-)) on Friday:

Annelise CANNOT WAIT!!!!! not ready for summer to end...ever. ;-)

The kids also had their 6-month dental cleanings on Friday...and they were both SOOOO EXCITED!!! BLESS THEM!!!!!! They looove the dentist! Oh, how I pray that lasts. They surely don't get it from me. :-/ I was also STUNNED when they both got "Smile Awards" = no cavities!!! (Even no-enamel-like-her-mommy Annelise!!!!!!) Thank you, Lord. This has always been such a dismal point of woe for me, so I will seriously revel in every clear visit my kids get!


  1. The kids look so cute with their Smile Awards! Even though we homeschool, my girls are excited about starting, too!

  2. I'm cracking up at the idea of "neutralizing your Southern accent"...really? It must be an inherent theater trait, but I do it to (and I never did theater!). When I'm around my family in southern Indiana, I immediately switch to that accent. When I go out to California (I lived in Redondo Beach for eight months in college), I start using the local slang there. When Steve and I return from Europe, yep, we're still using Spanglish or whatever language we had been attempting to speak that trip. ;)

  3. Thanks, Tracey!

    Heather - it is SUCH a real "issue" for me! An old high school friend called me out on FB: "Is that really your voice? What happened to your twang?" :-( I *HATE* that I do it. I LOOOVE my real Southern speak.
    On the flipside, when I hear "Southern", my accent gets thick as molasses!!! You should hear me with my GA people or even when I just watch "Friday Night Lights" or "Steel Magnolias"!!! :-D


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